How to recover a photo or video erased by mistake on Instagram

How to recover a photo or video erased by mistake on Instagram

1. Access the account settings

Open Instagram, go to your profile page and access your Account Settings.

2. Restore your content

Once on the Settings page, enter the Account menu, then access the Recently Deleted menu. All content that has been deleted from your account within the last 30 days is listed there. To restore an item, open it, press the options menu shown in three small dots, and choose Restore.

3. Permanently delete the contents of the recycle garbage folder.

Now that you've recovered the items you didn't want to disappear, you can, if you want, permanently delete the remaining items from Instagram's recycle folder, without waiting for them to be deleted automatically after the thirty-day period.

To do this, display the photo or video, press the three small dots to display the options and press Delete. Confirm by pressing Delete in the pop-up window that appears.

To prevent hackers who have taken possession of your account from deleting your content without your knowledge, Instagram has set up a safeguard. The final deletion of photos or videos requires a second authentication.

On the Confirm that it is you in order to restore or permanently delete your content, make sure that the partially hidden e-mail address is correct and press Next. You should receive an e-mail with a security code that you will need to enter in order to Confirm the deletion of your content.