How to free up WhatsApp space on iPhone or Android

How to free up WhatsApp space on iPhone or Android

Is your smartphone storage starting to look gray? Before deleting photos, videos, and applications from your device, you might want to take a look at the side of storage occupied by WhatsApp.

1. Update WhatsApp

If you haven't already done so, start by updating WhatsApp on your smartphone. The latest version of the instant messaging application includes a new storage manager.

2. Access the Settings

Then go to the Settings (iOS) or Parameters (Android) of the application. On iOS, enter the Storage and Data menu and go to the Manage Storage menu.

On Android, go to Data and Storage Usage, then go to the Manage Storage menu.

storage settings

3. Review the data

Two options are available to manage sent and received attachments. You can enter the Browse and Delete Items section to view and select all the files you want to delete, or you can enter each discussion individually to manage the items.

Then press the Select button, select the items you want to delete and press the trash can icon. You should be able to delete months or even years of forgotten attachments in one go, and most of the time never viewed.

review the data