Google Chrome: how to enable the read later feature

Google Chrome: how to enable the read later feature

Since Chrome 86, Google's web browser has an embedded Read Later feature. Disabled by default, this function is part of the experimental functions of the browser.

Thanks to it, you can in two clicks save tabs that you don't have time to read in a list, so that you can consult them later. Find out how to activate it with just a few clicks.

1. Access the experimental features of Chrome

Open a Chrome window, then in the address bar, type Chrome://flags.
This page groups together all the experimental functions of the browser. If some of them end up being natively integrated in Chrome updates, others disappear permanently without being integrated in Google's web browser.

access the experimental features of chrome

2. Look for the flag

Once on the page dedicated to the experimental functions of Chrome, type Read Later in the search field at the top of the window. You should see a single answer corresponding to the function you are looking for.

look for the flag

3. Activate the function

Then click on the Default drop-down menu and change the value to Enabled . Then click the Relaunch button  to restart the browser. The Read Later function should then be enabled.

activate the function

4. Use Read Later

After restarting the browser, open several tabs, then right-click on one of them. You should see a Read Tab option later. Click it to save the tab in the playlist.
To access the Chrome playlist, you must activate the browser's Favorites bar, if it is not already activated. To do this, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B.
The Playlist button should then appear on the right side of the Chrome favorites bar. Click it to expand the list of saved tabs.

use read later