Five advanced and very useful features of the Windows 10 calculator

Five advanced and very useful features of the Windows 10 calculator

1. Use a scientific calculator

Now you can use the native Windows calculator to perform all your scientific calculations. By deploying the main menu of the basic application, you will be able to access a complete scientific calculator.

2. Draw your curves with the graphing calculator

If you use the scientific mode of the Windows calculator, you will probably also need the graphing calculator. By activating this mode, you will be able to enter your equations and directly view the resulting curves.

3. Use the Programmer Calculator

Another function offered by the Windows 10 calculator is the Programmer calculator. Thanks to it you will be able to perform calculations in binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal. You will be able to carry out operations in each base of numeration, but also and above all convert values from one base to another.

4. Calculate differences between dates

Instead of manually counting the number of days until, for example, Christmas, you can use the Windows calculator to calculate the difference between two dates. Simply enter the date of departure and arrival to get the number of days between these two days.

5. Convert values

This is probably the most interesting feature of the Windows calculator. If you had gotten into the habit of opening Google to quickly convert currencies or measurements, you were wrong. All you had to do was open your PC's native calculator to get answers to your questions.