Android: how to automatically blur faces on a video before sharing it

Android: how to automatically blur faces on a video before sharing it

How to blur faces on a video? If you're about to share a video you've shot on the web, you may have wondered how to hide the faces of people who appear in the image unintentionally.

If you have an Android smartphone, you'll be able to blur all the faces that appear in the image in a few seconds, without any specific knowledge or skill in video editing. All you need is an application that will fully automate the process.

1. Download PutMask

Start by downloading the PutMask application on your Android smartphone. It's free and will allow you to blur one by one all the faces appearing on a video. The process is fully automated, and you'll have little or nothing to do to get there.

Videos exported with the free version of PutMask are watermarked. You will have to pay 4.79 euros via an integrated purchase to remove it.

2. Import a video

The application prefers videos recorded in landscape format and may reject certain video file formats, including .mov. We recommend that you use videos encoded in MP4 format.

From the application's main page, press Select from your Gallery to access your film to choose the video you want to edit. Before blurring the faces, you can shorten the clip if necessary by directly using the handles provided for this purpose. Then press the Continue button.

import a video

3. Detect faces

In the next window, make sure the Face Track tool is selected. Move the video cursor until you reach the image on which the face to be blurred appears and then press Detect Faces.

detect faces

4. Blur the faces

Then press the Start Tracking button to allow the application to track the person's movements. The application should work for a few moments and select by itself all the images of the clip on which it will hide the face.

blur the faces

5. Export the video

Finally, to export the video, press the Export button and then press the second Export button again. The application then displays a player allowing you to view the result directly.

export the video