3 tips to make your old smartphones useful again

3 tips to make your old smartphones useful again

1. Turn your smartphone into a webcam

If your computer is not natively equipped with a webcam, don't run out and buy one, and instead search the bottom of your drawers. You probably have an old smartphone that you no longer use, but that still works. Why not dedicate it to a single task, for example, by turning it into a webcam that you can use on your computer in any video conferencing application?

In addition to saving money and doing something for the environment, you will get a good quality image. There are many applications that allow you to use a smartphone as a webcam, but they are not all the same.


2. Use your smartphone as a GPS

Another option to recycle that old Android smartphone or iPhone that's lying around in the back of your drawer is to turn it into a dedicated GPS. If it doesn't have an Internet connection in the car, there's nothing to stop you from downloading a GPS application beforehand, which offers to download locally the maps you need to use it offline. And the most interesting application in this respect is undoubtedly Here WeGo, formerly Nokia Here Maps.


3. Turn your smartphone into a remote control
Whether you have an Internet box or a multimedia box such as an Android box or Amazon Fire Stick, depending on the model, you can use an old smartphone as a remote control. All the operators' boxes have, in principle, a dedicated application and some offer a remote control function. To operate, your mobile device must generally be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your multimedia box.

Once the application has been launched, it usually automatically searches the network for devices that it can control and connects to them. You can then use the touch screen of your smartphone to navigate the menus of your TV box.